At MBC Recruiting we have one goal and only goal, to find you the BEST job with the BEST staffing company.  We are a group of people that have been there and done that in the recruiting industry. 

We are NOT a "temp" company.  We are a talent finder, with a successful permanent placement track record with recruiters, sales people and managers in the staffing industry.   

How we work:

  • We interview and represent top talent (you).

  • We connect the talent with a best fit company and career.

  • We represent you in the hiring process to make sure it's a win win.  

  • We have scheduled quality check-in's with you and your new employer.

  • We high-five, prosper and live happily ever after.

Connecting great opportunities 

Your passion to work.

We can't wait to help 
you get started.
Lets Connect!

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